Thursday, 25 September 2014

A morning person

the alarm clock bell
it stings your ears 
it hurts like hell! 
Quickly quickly! Hit the snooze!
Quick, stop it now before you lose
       the plot-

GOOD GOD- the story was just getting good
          and lord knows you could
          totally sleep just a little bit longer 

        MAKE IT STOP

It's just gone seven thirty-five
you know if you strive
you can still be on time and get up at eight.
          (Sure, maybe you'll have to skip a shower
          but you washed your hair just yesterday)
and the flesh-eating creature is about to devour
your mother. And really you ought to step in.


Just hit the button, don't look at the clock.
Can you do it without opening your eyes?
          That would be best-
Because daylight has a horrible power over the imagination I find
it opens the senses and closes the mind
and if you seriously want to get to the end
you have to fend it off.

          MAKE IT STOP

Yes I know you've been late already this week-
yes I know that you're weak and you just want to please everyone.
          “Be at work on time, Justine!”
God, I hate Nick; he's a prick.
                     HOLY SHIT IT'S GROWN LEGS! 
See, isn't this great? Just hit the snooze
you've got nothing to lose-
           -Oh, don't think like that they can't fire you for being late. 
                   Can they...?
           No. So just let it go. 

          MAKE IT STOP

Thursday, 18 September 2014


A couple wade into the coffee shop,

Each with a mug with a paper.

The woman: all those pound coins

Rolled over her face leave lines.

Granules stored in sacks beneath

The strained pools. Prop up her glasses.

The man: drowning.



Days doled dusky fingers

Caffeine: divine…delicious…

Bromide leaves one’s

Teeth stained.

Have you seen ...?



Man swallows the air.

Woman swallows the coffee.

Pages rustle; register


Politics These Days…

Jabber and jazz settle

And smother. (pleasant)

Their eye-lids wilt.